Diabetes Control Diet Plan

1-Day Diabetes Diet Plan

▪️Early Morning – Morning 7 am
Tea / Coffee without sugar with almonds

▪️Breakfast – 8:30 – 9:30 am
Pohe with peanuts with added veggies like peas, beans, carrots, or cabbage. Can add Shredded Coconut.

▪️Pre Lunch – 11 am
Curd with Salad or Raita.

▪️Lunch – 1 pm
Fulka, Green Leafy Vegetable, Paneer Burji, Buttermilk & Salad

▪️Evening Snack – 5 pm
Tea/Coffee without sugar, Handful of chane shengdane

▪️Dinner- 8 pm
Dal rice, Vegetable, Salad & Egg Bhurji

▪️Before Sleep

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