Ramzan Diet plan

Ramzan Diet 

During Ramzan balance your meal with protein complex, carb, fiber, water intake, and healthy fats.

For example,

▪️For protein, you can have eggs cheese, or chicken. It should not be fried or paneer.

▪️For complex carbs, You can have Chole rajma or multigrain small roti or rice, or biryani. Take any one or 2 options.

▪️For fiber take plenty of salads, take curd or butter milk you can have a medium portion of fruit.

▪️Some dates or raisins or figs or mix of all above.

▪️Almonds or walnuts as a healthy fat.

▪️Lime water with rock salt.

▪️Detox water with fruits, like oranges, sweet limes, limes, pudina leaves, chia seeds.

▪️Avoid fried food items, junk food, fried sweets.

▪️Make faluda without sugar or only 5 gm of sugar.

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