Client Diaries

My recent clients Fatloss Results

🟩Update :
🟢 Weight in kgs -65>64.9>64.4 > 64>64.4

🟩Measurements in inches ;
Chest -35.5
Waist near belly button -40.5 >39.5>38.5
Hip-40.5 >39.5>39

1 kg weightloss with 3.5 inches inchloss

Client Diaries

The fat loss result of my client

🟩Update of client’s. Weightloss & Inchloss
🟢 Weight in kgs
Weighoss from

🟩 Measurements in inches ;
Inchlosd in the following areas
Chest -36 >34 >33.5
Waist near belly button -35>34
Hip-39>36> 35

Weightloss :3.4 kgs
Inchloss -8.5 inches

Client Diaries

✳️ My client had gestational diabetes and delivered a healthy baby without complications. Her diet includes

🔹Carbohydrates like dal, rice, bhandari, and sprouts;

🔸Protein like paneer, fish, eggs, and milk;

🔹Healthy fats like almonds and walnuts;

🔸Fiber from green leafy vegetables, vegetables, and fruits; and

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Client Diaries

✳️ Please find below the progress of My clients

🎯 “My client has made great progress in her weight loss journey by following a fat loss diet plan that includes staple food items. Her diet plan is eggetarian with a vegetarian twist.

✳️ Her diet plan includes:

– Carbohydrates: Fulka, Dal rice, and Sprouts.
– Protein: Eggs, Paneer, and Milk.
– Probiotics: Curd and Buttermilk.
– Healthy Fats: Almonds and Walnuts.
– Fiber: Green leafy vegetables, vegetables, fruits, and salad.

This combination of food items has helped her achieve her desired results.”

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Client Diaries

Program Chosen: Eat Better, Not Less ( Staple Food Diet, Carb Cycling) 

Age: 27

Medical History: Irregular Periods

Exercise: Walk

Client Feedback: Regular period, Increased stamina, Scalp hair growth, Good quality of nails

Client Diaries

Program Chosen: Medical History-Focus plan 

Age: 55

Medical History: Diabetic

Exercise: Walk

Weekly Sugar Update: 28/10 F-102 – PP-154, 4/10 F-106 –  PP-136, 11/11  F-98 – Pp146, 19/11 F-123 PP- , 21/12 F-91, PP-144, 9/12/23 F – 72 – Pp – 135, 16:12 F-98 Pp-167, 3/2/24 F  –  96 – Pp – 180, 24/4/24 F-102 – PP-163.


Client Diaries

Program Chosen: Eat Better, Not Less (Staple Food Diet)

Age: 36

Medical History: Post Chicken Gunia Symptoms, Light Periods

Exercise: Walk

Weightloss: 5 Kgs

Inchloass – 11 Inches


Client Diaries

Program Chosen: Eat Better, Not Less (Staple Food Diet)

Age: 65

Medical History: Spinal Surgery, Restricted Movements.

Exercise: Walk

Helped in achieving progress with Protein Rich Diet & Carb Cycling. And moreover how to loose fat % more with food and regular walk