Nutrition Drinks for Summer

Try this Nutritional Drinks For Summer 

Nutrition Drinks for Summer

▪️Coconut water
Pre-lunch or post-lunch
Or can be taken as an evening snack instead of any other snack item avoid taking thick malai as it has more calories

pre-lunch or post-lunch or during and a little salt or rock salt

▪️Overnight Dhane water.
Take 1 L of water. Add a handful of coriander seeds
Keep it overnight in the morning. Strain remove coriander seeds and drink the water up to 12

▪️Amba Pani, try to keep sugar or jaggery in moderation,
Koum, Sarbat, and Pune are sweet because of sugar. Try to avoid it.

▪️Take only a maul of water
Home-made Lassi 150 ML of Lassi. Add 5 g of sugar or jaggery.

▪️Jaljeera takes pre-lunch. It’s a low-calorie drink.

▪️Nimbu Pani
Throughout the day

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